Spherix Studios

Online Portfolio for David Wright


Primary Responsibilities

On this project I oversaw the work of Environment Artists on a daily basis, communicating art direction, as well as delivering constructive feedback on work in progress. Communicated technical guidelines for art creation and realtime implementation to the team. Tried to be proactive in identifying potential production issues and working to solve those issues. As well as worked with the Producer to develop and maintain artist work assignments and schedules.

Personal Achievements

■ Modeled 10 of the player monster models as well as all the boss models.
■ Directed and actively participated in the blockout and production of all levels in the game. Working on several of them solo.
■ Prototyped and defined rules and standards for level production and trained new environment artists on best practices and art production techniques.

■ Standardized toolset for placement and instancing of building debris, pickups, and particle systems.
■ Standardized hierarchy toolset to name, assign to layers, key elements within a level so that navigation was the same from file to file.
■ Level specific method of setting Mipp settings so that shared textures had the same values.
■ Standardized and streamlined Shader generation toolset.