Spherix Studios

Online Portfolio for David Wright


Primary Responsibilities

As my first professional job in the game industry as a 3d artist, I was hired to create art and animation for a number of software titles in 3dstudio.
From Dec 94 – Feb 97 I worked on content for: Pandora Directive, Links LS and Links 98 .
After a short departure to work at GlyphX, I was rehired as a senior artist and worked on: Overseer, Links LS99, and Links Extreme.

Personal Achievements

■ Created 11 unique environments and majority of inventory items for Pandora Directive.
■ Worked on intro movies for both Links LS99 and Links Extreme.
■ Beta tested and evaluated 3dsmax 1.0 for inclusion in the production pipeline and became the driving force behind upgrading.
■ Provided assistance and support to the art department on 3dsmax, Nicheman N-World, and Wavefront.